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“Short review: Jane was–and is– an AWESOME wedding DJ: hire her without delay!

Long review: When my fiancée (now wife) and I started planning our wedding, we knew that the musical component of the night was going to be really important, both in terms of setting the mood for ourselves and our guests and shaping how we would remember the evening. Music is an *extremely* big part of our lives and personalities, and we really needed to make sure that our DJ (if we were even going to use one) would be able to give us what we were looking for. I knew that we would be choosing a lot of the specific songs, but we needed someone who was familiar enough with a wide variety of styles– 80s, disco, 60s girl groups, soul, Motown, old-school punk, 90s alt-rock, etc.–to ‘read the dance floor.’ Someone, in other words, who could figure out how to mesh Dusty Springfield and Lionel Richie with Nine Inch Nails and the New York Dolls.

I’m thrilled to report that Jane not only met, but exceeded all our expectations. She wove an absolutely perfect web of tunes for our dance party and created a vibe that compelled even the most reluctant dancers to join us on the floor. She intuited exactly what we were looking for in terms of a diverse set of songs that offered something for everyone while avoiding lame wedding cliches. She also had an excellent read of the crowd’s energy, and knew exactly what to play in what part of the evening.

Just as importantly as her technical skills, Jane was a real delight to work with. Extremely communicable, ingratiating, and flexible, she was by far our favorite vendor, and made the entire process as easy and fun as we could’ve hoped for. I told me wife afterwards that I felt like I had actually made a friend in Jane, and we plan to stay in touch.

In short: Jane is awesome, hire her!” -Lauren & Andres –Wedding Wire

DJ: Jane Elizabeth
Venue: Ledges Hotel – Hawley, PA