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“So first let me admit that one of the things we wanted from our wedding DJ was to have her take charge and do everything. We had some strong musical ideas, but after giving Jane Elizabeth those, we pretty much got out of the way.

And we’re so glad we did. She was INCREDIBLE, from our first email exchanges to one long phone call that solidified what she was doing. And after that, we barely spoke at all. Not because she was inattentive – on the contrary, she sent us regular updates. But she was in direct contact with our wedding venue and other vendors, leaving us time to worry about all the other things a couple planning to get married worry about.

The first time we met her face-to-face was 15 minutes before the ceremony. We thought we would have to have a conversation about something – speaker placement, music cues, something. But nope. Jane had already coordinated with the wedding coordinator at the venue and had everything ready to go. And the evening itself was so smooth that we never worried for a second about the music or the DJ. This was all because of Jane’s excellent and thorough preparation and expertise.

And then there was the music itself. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. She blended many of the songs we had given her to give her an idea of our aesthetic with many of her own selections into an atmospherically magical cocktail and dinner soundtrack. And the dance part of the evening was a perfect mix of exactly what we wanted – some New Wave, some Brit Pop, some Riot Grrls, and some great Top 40 dance music that had us dancing until the lights were turned on. She even negotiated the inevitably weird request from the odd guest and turned it into something fun.

As we joked with her at the end of the night, we can’t wait to get married again so she can be the DJ!” -Lu & Peter –Wedding Wire

DJ: Jane Elizabeth
Venue/Caterer: Housing Works Bookstore – New York, NY