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“The team at Stylus is just exceptional. My husband and I are very into music, so having an amazing and responsive DJ was on our must-have list. We wanted someone who would be able to seamlessly mix 70s and 80s music that everyone can dance to, with 90s pop (gotta have at least one Spice Girls song) plus some more recent popular music that we might not think of but still will get folks dancing…but not overwhelmingly rely on any of those categories, and all the while being able to incorporate song requests from over 100 guests plus over a hundred of our own personal favorite songs I compiled over our year of wedding planning. Plus some announcements (with corresponding music for each announcement) and a hyper specific ceremony playlist. It sounds impossible, but Amber Lynn pulled it off flawlessly. We sent her SO much music and she was able to incorporate the essence of everything, with a unique separate vibe for the cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. One of my biggest fears was that our reception would start to fizzle out with folks losing interest in dancing, but the dance floor was full ALL NIGHT, without any major lulls, and with every single friend and family group dancing at least at one point. We had *multiple* dance circles throughout the night and I even recall a conga line breaking out spontaneously. We even got a family friend to dance who, apparently, never dances at weddings. And, when the mosh pit broke out during our last song (my husband insisted on a crazy last song after we played my more mellow penultimate song Don’t Stop Believin’) and the groomsmen started to lift up my husband, move outside, and yell “To the river! To the river!”, she blessedly cut it off before that could go any further.

The amazingness was evident throughout our entire booking process. Jane Elizabeth was always incredibly prompt when responding to emails and setting up our booking, and meeting with Amber Lynn was a breeze – which wasn’t always the case with other vendors as we were planning our Philadelphia wedding from where we live in DC. They also made logistics incredibly easy with a shared Google sheet playlist, and I was able to send Amber Lynn the playlists I had been making on my own using my iphone’s Apple Music. I didn’t even have to get involved in any of the day-of set up or logistics, despite us moving to a Plan B location for ceremony and cocktail hour due to the rain and unexpected cold – Amber Lynn handled it all with our day-of coordinator.

Booking with Stylus was one of the easiest, simplest, and most rewarding parts of the wedding planning process. I had 100% full confidence that our music would be perfect, would balance our tastes and the desire to get folks up and dancing, and the night would be without any logistical hassles. I couldn’t recommend Stylus more highly.” -Caitlin & Adam –Wedding Wire

DJ: Amber
Venue: Bartram’s Garden – Philadelphia PA