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“We hired Stylus DJ Entertainment for our wedding on June 2, 2019 and we couldn’t have been happier with the music that day. When we began planning our wedding we were both most nervous about hiring a DJ for the day, neither of us wanted someone who was only going to play the chart hits of the last two decades, or someone who was going to say embarrassing cheesy things on the mic throughout the night. My husband and myself also have different tastes in music and wanted the day to represent both of us in the music that was played. Amber-Lynn is the DJ we worked with from Stylus and she was exactly the opposite of what we thought a typical wedding DJ to be. From the beginning she listened to our concerns and we mapped out our vision for the day for the music. With Stylus DJ Entertainment you can actually pick most, if not all of the songs that you want played for your day, we loved that. Ourselves, our families and our friends all give us great suggestions for songs. Amber-Lynn also provided us with past couples playlists for their weddings, which also helped with our song choice. We were adding songs to our playlist up until a few days before the wedding! We got so many compliments the day of the wedding and even afterwards that we had a great music selection for the day. Our guests were dancing all night! Another thing that really impressed me about working with Amber-Lynn was the she listened to my concern about the volume of the music for the day. I told her as we were planning that it was really important to me that our guests be able to talk to one another during the wedding. I have been to way too many weddings where I can’t even talk to the person next to me because the music is so overwhelmingly loud. At our wedding I could actually sit down at a table with my guests and have a conversation with everyone there without having to yell/ scream to communicate! Working with Stylus DJ Entertainment and Amber-Lynn far exceeded our expectations! Our day couldn’t have been more perfect; the music that day really represented us as a couple and our guests had a blast! I would highly recommend DJ Stylus Entertainment and Amber-Lynn to anyone, it was a pleasure to work with them and they really helped to make our absolutely perfect!” -Shannon & Zach –Wedding Wire

DJ: Amber
Venue: Unionville Vineyards – Ringoes, NJ