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“We had Karin Fjellman from Stylus DJ our wedding reception in July 2019 and she was just fantastic!!! We had so many guests come up to us during and after the reception to tell us that the music was incredible. During our preparation, we had been a little concerned about finding the right DJ. We wanted to play a mix of western and Bollywood music and we were having a hard time finding a DJ whose style we liked and who we felt comfortable could mix in the two genres. In particular, we were looking for someone who was relatively quiet on the microphone and really let their music choices do the talking.

When we first talked with Karin she was up front that she hadn’t played a ton of Bollywood music, but she also was very reassuring that she was willing to listen to songs we liked and put in some work to learn music. During these early conversations, we just really enjoyed working with Karin. She was super organized and very responsive in communicating (as our preparation got busier and more stressful this was so important!). She also worked with us to gage our interest and capacity for selecting songs for the night (we had no interest in picking every song). In the end, we gave Karin about 30 songs including 15 Bollywood songs that we liked and had a conversation with her about the feel. She took that and crushed it!

Karin also did a great job during the reception of finding the right balance for how loud the music needed to be. She managed to make it so that it felt like a great dance party without blasting the music. We had a good number of older guests and it was great to see that they were able to sit and chat while still staying close enough to the dance floor to be part of the party.

This review may sounds needlessly positive, but I don’t think we can say it enough that we feel we got the best DJ, better than all of the other weddings we have been to. If Karin is not available, that’s too bad. You should still reach out to Stylus and see what other DJs are available. We worked with Jane who manages Stylus initially and she was super organized and helpful in talking through who was available. I can only imagine that she has found similarly great DJs to make up the team there. Thanks again!” -Keerti & Alex –The Knot and Wedding Wire

DJ: Karin
Venue: FAME – Philadelphia, PA