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As you can imagine, before March of 2020, cancellations were extremely rare, and rescheduling was unheard of.

Since many couples were and continue to be affected by the situation, we have taken the opportunity to make improvements and clarifications to our paperwork and procedures, so that we can all have peace of mind going forward.

RESERVATION/PAYMENT POLICY: A low-commitment Reservation Fee, calculated at 30% of the minimum charge, is required to secure the date. The Performance Fee is due in two installments 60 days and 30 days before the Event, each with a 7-day grace period.

POST-CONTRACT CHANGES: You may contract for the Basic Package now, and add hours, speakers or other services up to 45 days before the event. The cost difference will be reflected the subsequent installments.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If we cancel, you will be entitled to a refund. If you cancel or reschedule for any reason, our contract clearly outlines the conditions under which refunds of the Performance Fee are possible.

RESCHEDULING POLICY: Weddings are our main business. Whether you book 2 months or 2 years in advance, we are promising you a certain DJ on a certain day for a certain price – it is valuable real estate.

If you must change your event date for any reason, we will do our best to accommodate. You would cancel the previous agreement and we would start fresh with a new cost estimate. If the same DJ is not available on the new date, we will present the options, and all refundable amounts may be applied to the future booking.

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