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What is the same about the DJs?

Our DJs are music lovers known for their low-key, non-flashy vibe and providing our clients with a highly customizable music program.

What is the difference between the pricing tiers?

Rates are tiered based on the DJ’s wedding experience, so we can accommodate a range of budget, project management and creative expectations. If you let us know the important factors to you in hiring a DJ, we can make suggestions based on current availability.

How does availability work?

If a particular DJ isn’t available on your date, they may already be booked, or they may not be available that far in advance yet.

Do the DJs use turntables and play vinyl records?

Though we are all vinyl lovers, we use laptops at events.

Do the DJs mix live?

Yes. Exceptions include using auto mix for short breaks or when the DJ is organizing wedding party introductions. For single-speaker setups in potentially tight spaces, such as a separate Cocktail Hour, the DJ may opt to play a pre-made playlist from a device.

Will the DJ make announcements?

Almost all of our DJs do. In most cases, we do not bring a separate MC.

How many songs will the DJ be able to play?

15-20 songs per hour. We consider it precious real estate.

Will the DJ take requests from guests?

We love taking requests and interacting with your guests! If you prefer otherwise, we will politely decline or suggest a song or style we’ve already agreed on.

Can we give the DJ a must play/do not play list?

This is strongly encouraged, and we will ask for some of your favorite bands and genres and those your guests may enjoy. Otherwise, you may have as much or as little control over the song pool as you like, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can the DJ include music that reflects a particular culture (e.g., Jewish, Spanish, Indian, etc.)?


Is it possible to book the Basic Package now, and add hours, speakers or services later?

Absolutely! We only book one event per DJ per day, and are happy to accommodate post-contract changes with at least 30 days’ notice.

What if we need a Ceremony Mic, but not music?

If the ceremony is in a separate room/area at your venue, the rate is $100 per hour plus $125 per additional speaker. The handheld wireless microphone/stand included in the Basic Package will be moved between the spaces.

What if our Ceremony and Reception are in the same space, and Cocktail Hour is separate?

If you need DJ services for each phase, that counts as 2 rooms/areas. If you have live musicians for cocktail hour, the rate is $100 per hour of Downtime, and no additional speakers are needed.

What if our venue has an Approved In-House Sound System?

We use the “Additional HOURS” rate, 4-hour minimum, which comes to $100 less than the Basic Package.

Do the DJs have liability insurance?

Yes, and they will provide proof for your venue on request.

Will the DJ require a meal at my event?

Yes – vendor meals are customary and always appreciated. We generally prefer to eat discreetly from the DJ table and don’t take many breaks.

Will the DJ drink alcohol at my event?

No – it is unprofessional and a violation of our liability insurance policy.

May we speak with our potential DJ before deciding?

Yes! This is encouraged, once a scope of work has been established, and a quote has been provided.

What about the contract?

Contracts are issued digitally via Adobe Sign. Once you are ready to go forward, we will send you a sample version to review.

What is your deposit and payment policy?

About 30% to reserve the date via Venmo, Zelle, Bank Transfer, Personal Check, PayPal or Credit Card. The balance due is paid directly to the DJ the day of via Check, Cash or Venmo only.

Are we supposed to tip the DJ?

Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated.

What is your contingency plan?

DJs don’t take sick days, but in case of an emergency with advance notice, we would do our best to find a replacement, first within our own team, and your shared timeline and music organizer would be available to them.

Did we miss anything?

Please contact us with any other questions or to speak with Jane or any of the other DJs directly – we are here to help!