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Stylus is a boutique agency whose focus is on the music.

Our DJs are music lovers known for their low-key, non-flashy vibe and providing our clients with a highly customizable music program.

Pricing is based on the number of Hours and Areas you will need services, tiered based on factors such as the DJ’s wedding experience and tenure.

Please use the rate sheet below as a guide, and



2023 PEAK: Weddings/Milestones on Saturday, May through October, plus holidays/holiday weekends. Based on DJ location.

2023 OFF-PEAK: Weddings/Milestones Sunday-Friday, November, December, March and April, except holidays/holiday weekends. Based on DJ location.

2023 WINTER: Weddings/Milestones January-February, and all other types of events, except holidays/holiday weekends. Based on DJ location.


The BASIC PACKAGE is perfect for Receptions and includes:

– The first 4 hours (minimum charge)

– Travel within the DJ’s home city

– One main sound system (2 speakers) for one room or area and music program via laptop

– One handheld wireless microphone on a stand for speaking parts of the ceremony and/or for toasts and speeches during the reception

– MC services (announcements, introductions, etc.) by the DJ

– Customized song pool and unlimited advance consultation via a shared music organizer

– Hands-on coordination with you and your vendors via a shared timeline

– Proof of liability insurance for your venue

Additional Hours: Booked in advance or overtime.

Additional Speakers/Areas: All gear should be set up and ready to go before guests arrive – we avoid moving speakers during the event.
• If the Ceremony and/or Cocktail Hour are in the same room/area as the Reception, no additional speakers are needed, and you are free to add on additional hours.
• If the Ceremony and/or Cocktail Hour are in separate rooms/areas than the Reception, 1-4 additional speakers may be needed, plus any additional hours.

Early Setup/Downtime/Late Breakdown. There is no charge for setup or breakdown time as long as:

– the DJ has 1 hour per contracted area to set up, immediately before the DJ Start Time;
– the DJ has 1 hour to break down, immediately after the DJ End Time;
– the DJ’s load in, setup, breakdown and load out doesn’t disrupt any other activity going on in or around the space;
– the Event Location does not require setup or breakdown outside of these windows.

CONTRACTS are issued digitally via Adobe Sign. Please ask for a sample version to review.

What is the DIFFERENCE between the pricing tiers?
Rates are tiered based on factors such as the DJ’s wedding experience, tenure with the agency, demand, and home market.

How does AVAILABILITY work?
If a particular DJ isn’t available on your date, they may already be booked, have travel restrictions, or are not available that far in advance yet.

IS IT POSSIBLE to book the Basic Package now, and add hours, speakers or services later?
Absolutely! We only book one event per DJ per day, and are happy to accommodate post-contract changes with at least 45 days’ notice.

What if our venue has an APPROVED IN-HOUSE SOUND SYSTEM or we are having a MICRO-WEDDING?
Please inquire – we offer a slight discount off the Basic Package rates.

MAY WE SPEAK with our potential DJ before deciding?
Yes! This is encouraged, once a scope of work has been established, a quote has been provided, and you have reviewed a sample contract.

More questions?

There are plenty more answers in our