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DJ Alicia

Home City: New York
Wedding Experience: +++
Pricing Tier: Executive
5-Star Reviews: 35

Recent Reviews

An NYC transplant via Chicago, Alicia’s bringing the east coast party! Alicia got her start on the decks as host of her own themed college radio show. After moving off the dial to play friends’ house parties and events, she was soon sending her DJ career down the aisle with Chicago’s premiere wedding DJ company, Toast & Jam.

A seasoned wedding DJ, Alicia knows just which track to drop and when to drop it – from Motown to new wave, big band to Beyoncé, deep cut indie to top 40 hits. She loves tailoring the evening to your own musical tastes and wants to give you just the party you imagine for your wedding.

And when she’s not mixing on the dance floor, Alicia is writing and performing her own music! A composer/performer, she makes avant art-pop and has performed all over the country. A natural performer, Alicia is a charming MC who’s only on the mic as much as she should be.

Between Alicia’s expertise and your vision, the soundtrack to your wedding will tear up the dance floor and leave everybody with happy hearts. Let’s boogie!

Wedding Sampler Mix

Intended Vibe: Roughly 1/4 Cocktail, 1/4 Dinner, 1/2 Dancing, without relying too much on the exact songs on the Stylus Top 100 Requests playlist.

Free-Form Mixes

Highly recommend

“Stylus was a great choice for our wedding. We went into our DJ search a little worried about trusting someone in front of all of our family and friends, but Alicia made us completely comfortable and listened carefully to what we were thinking, even though it was not the norm. We got some comments about how the music was especially good and eclectic, especially during dinner. Thank you Alicia and Jane Elizabeth!

Alison Parker

Married November 2019

“DJ Alicia is such a blast! She dances and bops the entire time… seeing her do that let me give myself permission to dance while I work, too, making an already fun job even MORE fun!”

Emily Monus

Event Planner via Instagram


What kind of equipment do you use?

I love my Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller! And I mix with Serato DJ Pro on my MacBook Pro laptop. All the jams get pumped through two 15” Electro-Voice powered speakers, which can bring the house down when I’m cranked up only halfway! I also have a satellite Samson Expedition speaker ideal for cocktail hours.

I use a Shure 58 for my booth mic, and I have a Shure GLXD wireless microphone system that works like a charm for speeches and ceremonies.

When I DJ ceremonies, I have a compact version of the above equipment that allows me to be mobile, whether indoors or outdoors.

What does your setup look like?


What is your MCing style?

I’m charismatic by trait, but I’m only on the mic as much as I should be! I make introductions and announcements, but I’m not there to “hype” up the crowd. I like to keep it classy and light and let your VIPs and my music do the talking.

What is your personal mixing style?

A good dance party is about keeping the beat going – I’m there to speed that beat up and slow it down, and to glide you into the next jam before you even realize it’s the next jam! I love to beatmatch and I frequently transition between songs related by key. You’ll hear a little looping and light EQ work, but this isn’t a radio tag for Z100 – no flashy swoops or “wicky wicky”! And most of the time I spin the whole song – I don’t tease you with just the choruses!

How do you handle lulls?

Although you may want to rock the floor EVERY song of the evening, at some point you just might need to take a break from boogieing so hard! And that’s natural – every dance floor oscillates! I enjoy using lulls to switch up the vibe – maybe it’s a good time to play a song especially particular to you or your family, or maybe I can move into a genre we haven’t touched yet. Guaranteed you will catch your breath and be back to groovin’ in no time!

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