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DJ Amber

Home City: Philadelphia
Wedding Experience: +++
Pricing Tier: Senior
5-Star Reviews: 39

Optional Lighting and Battery-Powered Speaker Available

DJ Amber prides herself on her extensive musical knowledge and her eagerness to learn about new music. She has been throwing parties in Philadelphia since 2006 and performing at weddings since 2017. With over 150 weddings under her belt, curating the perfect mix and flow for your event is her true passion. Blending genres and periods of music that might not seem to go together is a challenge she welcomes.

Outside of DJing weddings, Amber hosts many monthly parties spanning all types of alternative genres. Her personal mainstays include 80’s, post-punk, New Wave, Disco, Dark Wave, Synth Wave, 70’s-80’s punk, Glam Rock, Britpop, 90’s College rock and grunge, riot grrrl, 90’s house and jock jams, early 2000’s indie and electroclash, empowering pop anthems, and queer party anthems!

Amber is a fun-loving lady who is a stickler for detail and punctuality. Her hobbies include collecting records, making mixes, volunteering in animal rescue, and practicing yoga.

Want someone who can ask all the right questions and keep your details in order? She’s the one.

Looking for someone who can wrangle your family and friends to the dance floor? She’s got you covered.

To her, each event is a magical chance to bring everyone together in the celebration of love.

Amber’s secret weapon is a minimal MCing style with announcements that are clear and concise – no cheesy game-show voice here!

Wedding Sampler Mix

Intended Vibe: Roughly 1/4 Cocktail, 1/4 Dinner, 1/2 Dancing, without relying too much on the exact songs on the Stylus Top 100 Requests playlist.

Free-Form Mix

Check out Amber’s live stream on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/djbabyberlin

“We wanted someone who was mellow, laid-back, and could help set the tone for our wedding. DJ Amber Lynn did just that!”
Melissa & John, married 2018

“DJ Amber did a fantastic job – she met with me and my CEO beforehand, put together a great hype list with our direction, arrived on time, and kept things moving along reading the crowd with the right mix of music. All in all very professional, a pleasure to work with, and a fresh vibe. “
– Gail M, Corporate Client, October 2022

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