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DJ Mariko

Home City: New York
Wedding Experience: ++
Pricing Tier: Executive
5-Star Reviews: 53
Optional Virtual DJ Services Available

DJ Mariko identifies as a Japanese American member of the LGBTQIA+ community and has lived in MA and NY all her life. She is embarrassingly type A, very organized-and she is now mortified that you know. Her DJ belief is to have no ego and only wants what the couple wants. She was a longtime singer/songwriter who made the transition to the DJ world in 2018. As a musician, she opened for Alex Clare, performed on ABC, NBC, and Fox, and has played at Summerfest and the Vans Warped Tour.

As a DJ, Mariko prides herself on being fantastic at catering to versatile crowds. She has done numerous private and corporate events, weddings, parties, and has had residencies all over NYC and the Hamptons. Having spun at lounges, hotels, clubs, sports bars, golf clubs, gay bars, gay parties, and dives, DJ Mariko loves curating the perfect vibe for your event.

When she’s not spinning, she is a producer/songwriter who has worked with Michael Brauer (multi-Grammy award winner), Neal Evans (Jack White, Soulive, Lettuce), and Kirk Yano (Madonna, Mariah Carey, Public Enemy, Common, Matt Katz-Bohen, Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

Ever had a DJ who was way too into their own music and didn’t care that the dance floor was empty? Yeah, Mariko hates that. Her DJ philosophy is to play to the crowd: if the crowd is happy, so is she. If she can make your special day memorable, she’s done her job!


DJ Mariko was named to the 100 “Women We Love 2022” by GOMAGAZINE: http://gomag.com/article/women-we-love-2022-dj-mariko/

Congratulations, Mariko!


Wedding Sample Mix

Intended Vibe: Roughly 1/4 Cocktail, 1/4 Dinner, 1/2 Dancing, without relying too much on the exact songs on the Stylus Top 100 Requests playlist.

Free-Form Mixes

Indie Upbeat Mix

Funk & Disco

Bollywood Mix

Pop Mini-Mix

EDM/Pop Remix Sampler

70s-80s Sampler

Spanish Sampler

Dancehall Mini-Mix

90s-2000s Mini-Mix

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