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DJ Paul Collins

Home City: New York
Wedding Experience: +
Pricing Tier: Junior
5-Star Reviews: 12

Paul Collins (he/him) moved to NYC in 2006 as a multi-instrumentalist with the band Beirut.  He spent the next decade plus performing and recording with the band, all the while pursuing his passion of DJing.  Paul has DJ’ed at clubs and festivals from places as far away as Italy, Mexico, and New Zealand, as well as weddings, dance floors, and parties at home in NYC.

In addition to touring, Paul has had DJ residencies at The Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn), Featherweight (Brooklyn), and been a regular at Williamsburg’s Beco, where he spins an all vinyl Brazilian set.   Paul’s personal taste in music is deeply eclectic, and very much reflected in his large collection of vinyl at home.

In 2020, Paul stepped back from his role in the band to focus on life with his family in Queens.  He became a certified professional coach (CPC) with a focus on helping people identify their needs and get more of what they want out of life.  

Paul wants to collaborate with you to find out what music makes you, your friends, and your family move and laugh.  Each party, and each wedding, is different.  This is your night.  Paul wants to support you getting there.

Wedding Sample Mix

Intended Vibe: Roughly 1/4 Cocktail, 1/4 Dinner, 1/2 Dancing, without relying too much on the exact songs on the Stylus Top 100 Requests playlist.

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