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DJ Valerie

Home City: New York
Joined Stylus: 2017
Wedding Experience: +
Pricing Tier: $$
5-Star Reviews: 5

Boston bred, Brooklyn centered.

Valerie comes from a musical family, which inspired a life-long passion and curiosity. Her grandfather was a well-traveled Jazz saxophonist in the 40’s, and her mom played folk guitar at Village hotspots like The Bitter End in the 60’s. She has fond childhood memories of her brother banging out blues tunes on the keys, and her audiophile father playing his vinyl copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller loudly and proudly on the (unusually large) home stereo.

In the 90’s, Valerie launched her DJ career on the award-winning radio station, WERS 88.9FM, and has since gone global from her original reggae/world music format to far beyond, encompassing everything from A Tribe Called Quest, Pitbull and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to Stevie Wonder and David Bowie. She has honed her skills in the world’s best dance clubs, spun electronic and house music at Lincoln Center, hip-hop on Sirius FM, and most recently, performed an all-vinyl 45 set in an underground club in Berlin.

As a wedding DJ, Valerie is a self-described romantic with the expertise to capture your unique story and set the mood perfectly. She takes pride in her work, believes that you and the music are the stars of the occasion, and loves to customize her sets accordingly. Whatever the celebration, Valerie is extremely versatile, knowledgeable, and will ensure you and your guests have an amazing time with her easygoing nature, sense of humor and infectious spirit.

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What kind of equipment do you use?

I use a Pioneer controller with Serato and professional JBL sound system including various microphone options that is expandable depending on event needs, with optional 18-inch subwoofers and additional 15-inch PA speakers.

What does your setup look like?

I can provide a table with elegant silky black covering, or more often, I use the venue’s banquet table and linens depending on wedding theme/preference.

What is your MCing style?

My MC style is short-and-sweet inspired from my radio days! I think the clients are the stars, so the focus will always remain on them. Whatever is needed, I can make it happen – from minimal announcements all the way to announcing the names of every member of the wedding party – it’s all good to me!

What is your personal mixing style?

I love to beat match, to allow the songs to breathe and for the dancing to rule the choices make in terms of pace, tempo and mood of the selections. I enjoy tapping into the energy of the room to tell a story or inspire emotions that link to the personalities of the couple, who are the real stars. I tend to play a song, rather than a segment of a song you might hear in a mega mix. Either way, I let the music and the mood lead the way and pride myself on motivating EVERYONE to dance and enjoy the moment.

How do you handle lulls?

There is an ebb and flow of every event, which is useful for folks to refresh their drinks, have a conversation or take a rest for their next round on the dancefloor. I find that certain moments are best used for a slow song interlude, and other moments are more suited for a giant dance party. I love to provide an array of moods and moments that suit everyone. I tap into the energy of the room and make selections that will tune into the mood, and uplift as much as possible.

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